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David Cuppett is the founder and leader of 5 Stones Ministries.

The vision of 5 Stones Ministries is for every person to encounter the presence of God, to experience Him face-to-face and ultimately be transformed by His living voice. David has been led by the Holy Spirit to develop this organization which is designed to bring the encounter of the Holy Spirit to the places where the Holy Spirit lead’s him. David was led to India in 2016 where over 120,000 people have experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and over 6,000 pastors have been awakened to flow in the gifts of the Spirit, learning to continuously experience the voice of God. David currently works with churches and multi-denominational organizations in the USA to bring the fullness of the encounter of the Holy Spirit to every Christian, empowering every believer to discover their true identity, revealing the Sons of God. Revival of the true essence of Christianity is at the heart of David’s vision, which is that every believer would know the voice of the Jesus Christ and follow Him into the unknown to bring the power of the Holy Spirit to every corner of the earth. Prophecy and the gifts of the Holy Spirit are always aloud to flow as the Spirit leads resulting in many spiritual encounters, signs and wonders occurring in the meetings that David leads.

To aid this vision, David’s newest book titled the Key of David: Encountering the Voice of God, was birthed through working with several thousand pastors in India to aid them in the discovery of the voice of God and the Lord’s desire to encounter us all face-to-face. Please the "book and media" tab for ordering information.

If you would like to invite David to your church, conference, home group or nation, please him at


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