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the vision
Deliver. empower. send.

Through encounters and impartations with the Lord, dreams, and visions, we deliver, empower, and send people to fulfill their calling. David has been led by the Holy Spirit to develop this organization which is designed to bring the encounter of the Holy Spirit to the places where the Holy Spirit lead’s him.


Along with being led to India in 2016 where over 120,000 people have experienced the baptism of the Holy Spirit and over 6,000 pastors have been awakened to flow in the gifts of the Spirit, David currently works with churches and multi-denominational organizations in the USA to equip them in the Holy Spirit to bring revival, prophetic direction, and deliverance to help individuals discover their calling. 


The end goal is for each person to encounter the presence of God, to experience Him face-to-face and ultimately be transformed by His living voice. Revival of the true essence of Christianity is at the heart of David’s vision, which is that every believer would know the voice of the Jesus Christ and follow Him into the unknown to bring the power of the Holy Spirit to every corner of the earth.

"God connected us to David & Shelly through the prompting of the Holy Spirit in 2020. From the moment we met, we could feel the overwhelming presence of the Holy Spirit and how God was working through them in a major way. We've seen hundreds of people get rocked by the Holy Spirit through David & Shelly giving prophecies that bring people to tears and set people free through deliverance. They give their all to everyone they meet loving them and equipping them to fully step into what God has called them to be."

Dylan and Hannah swagger, ar

"David didn't know at the time but my roommate and I were both in school for teaching. He prophesied that I would one day be leading teams of people out of the religious systems, and decreed I would be a teacher in the spirit. I've been humbled and in great hunger for revival since coming back to school. That weekend was impactful and significant for me and my group of friends."

Kristie nowocin, canada

The school of the Holy Spirit

Through prophecy, deliverance, vision and dream activation, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, David talks about his experience with the Holy Spirit to help others discover their calling.

healing and deliverance

5 Stones Ministries functions with the heart of Christ seeking to destroy the works of darkness. Deliverance and healing are not options, they are birthrights of the children of God. This mandate given by Jesus Christ and demonstrated throughout the gospels and the book of Acts, healing the sick, casting out demons and baptizing people in the power of the Holy Spirit, continues today as a mandate of God. Knowing Christ is a demonstration of His power and authority over all limitations of this world. People must experience Christ to know Christ. He is much more than words on paper. He is the rider on the white horse with eyes of burning fire! Our mission is to see over a million people experience personal deliverance, healing and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. 


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