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The Key of David

To aid to the vision of 5 Stones Ministries, David's first book, The Key of David: Encountering the Voice of God, was birthed through working with thousands of pastors across India to help discover the voice of God and the Lord's desire to encounter us all face-to-face.


Transfigured: The Call of the Horseman to Awaken the Church was written to encourage readers to look at the book of Revelation in a new way. To not shrink up in fear and step up in the last days. To be called higher to the assignment on your life and everything God has for you.

Wisdom Filled Warriors

Wisdom Filled Warriors: Awakening a New Breed of Deliverers, is a combination of vast experience and biblical insight to invite readers into a journey of combining the wisdom and insight of God with the authority and dominion of Christ in the context of deliverance. This is a call to see the works of the enemy crushed and to see the works of God glorified.

the School of the Holy Spirit

Through dreams and visions, David was called to start The School of the Holy Spirit to equip people to find their purpose, activate their gifting, and become productive for the kingdom.​ Jesus has a plan and vision for every person, and it must be understood that He declared war on the darkness on this world when He said, "I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it." We were given the keys and authority over darkness. It is our job to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to help bring people to know their true destiny as a warrior with Christ. 


Categories of sermons on podcast

Overcoming the Demonic / Jezebel / Religion

-The Transforming Glory of God

-Prophecy That wars Against the Evil One

-How to Receive Revelation

-The Mind that Expects in Miracles

-Prophesying with Authority

-Power to Loose Heaven on Earth

-Power to Loose Heaven on Earth Part 2

-Power to Loose Heaven on Earth Part 3

-The Heart that Carries the Presence of Holy Spirit

-The Dominion of Dreams and Visions

-The Heart that Inherits the Prophecy

-Carriers of His Glory

-He Will Teach You All Things

-Spiritual Reproduction

-Using Prophetic Gifts to RescuePrisoners from Religious Systems

Wisdom Filled Warriors Teachings 

-He Calls You Warrior in the Garden

-The Hunted becomes the Hunter

-Equipping Weapons of Deliverance

-Light Shines in the Darkest Hour

-The Spirit of Revelation

-Authority from the Spirit of Revelation

-The Throne Room of Revelation

-True Discernment Defeats the Python Spirit

-Discerning Life and Death

-Visions and Dreams that Birth Life

-Dominion Level Wisdom

-Holy Spirit My Deliverer

-Defeating the Python Spirit

-Administering the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

-Prophecy and Ischus Power

-Angels Riding Ischus Power

-Ischus Power and Dominion

-Holy Spirit My Defender

-The Weapon of the Prophecy on the Battlefield

-Warrior Eyes

-Breaking the Curse of Fear

-The Heart that Sees like Christ

-The Anointing Breaks the Yoke of the Spirit of Religion

-Defeating the Spirit of Death

-Remnant Resurrection

-Awakened to the War for Deliverance

-Breaking Jezebel's Table

-Equipping Jezebel's Eunuchs

-The Prophetic Hammer for the Deliverance of Jezebel's Eunuchs

-Spiritual Warfare and the Making of Eagles

-Holy Spirit, Logos, and Rhema

-The Sword of the Spirit and the Tree of Life

-Loose the Bride for I have a need of Her

-The Law of the Spirit of Life

-Spiritual Discernment and the War Against Principalities, Powers, and Rulers of Darkness

-Breaking the Hypnosis of Religious Matrix

-Restoring Judgement to Believers: Deliverance is the Product of True Discernment

-Leadership that Trusts the Dove

-Holy Spirit the Supercharger

-Holy Spirit Warfare with Ruling Spirits 

-Ready Your Rhema Sword of Deliverance

-Spiritual Discernment and our War with Witchcraft 

Righteousness & Identity: The Romans Revelation
Ascension/Call of the Watchman

--Thirsting After the Voice of the Spirit Part 1

-Thirsting After the Voice of the Spirit Part 2

-Levels of Holy Spirit Baptism and Intamacy

-Praying in Tongues Produces Spiritual Encounters

1. Sentinel 1

2. Sentinel 2

3. Sentinel 3

4. Sentinel 4

5. Sentinel 5

-The Cross, the Mountain, and the New Creature Part 1

-The Cross, the Mountain, and the New Creature Part 2

-The Cross, the Mountain, and the New Creature Part 3

-The Cross, the Mountain, and the New Creature Part 4

-The Cross, the Mountain, and the New Creature Part 5

-The New Creature is Mantled by the Holy Spirit

-The Prayer Life of the New Creature

-Wisdom Leads to the Fear of the Lord

-New Creatures Come Boldly the Throne of Grace

-The Power of a New Creature Taking Dominion

-Salt Covenant and the Habitation Prophecy

-Discovering the Hidden Manna in Dreams and Visions

-Living in Revelation

-Two by Two: Covered by the King's Coat of Grace 

-Awakening the Mighty Men

-Dressed in King's Clothes

Unveiling the Prophetic

-Apocalyto - The Unveiling of the Sons of God

-The Angel of Expectation


-The Tent of David

-The Salt Covenant

-The Mantle and the Breath of God

-Destiny Revealed by the Holy Spirit

-The Garments of Prophetic Domination at Naioth Rameh

-Prophecy and Ischus Power

-Angels Riding Inchus power

-Inchus Power and Dominion

-Becoming the Vision he Let You See

-From the Desert to the Palace

-Clothed in the Anointing Oil

-Supernatural Throne Room Dwellers

"The truths that have been revealed to me through David cuppett's teachings in The School of the Holy Spirit have ignited a roaring flame inside my soul and spirit. Through the podcast, and having a privilege in meeting David and Shelly, I have learned to pray, imparted many spiritual gifts, dreaming every night, prophesied to multiple people, and clearly hear the voice of God. My family has been changed, and I have been changed." 

Jackie novelli, NY

"Since our encounter with this ministry, School of the Holy Spirit, we have taken back what the enemy has stolen. School of the Holy Spirit is the fire training every follower of Christ needs in order to be properly equipped. You will be awakened to all that God has ordained you to be."

Kirk and sondra cunningham, Ny

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