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school of prophecy

Fathering Sons and Daughters in Prophetic Life

Every person has a calling, but very few truly find it. Hebrews 11 reveals that there is a book written about every person in heaven, but so few ever tap into their true destiny and live from the personal vision revealed by Jesus Christ. The 5 Stones School of the Spirit is designed to reveal each believer's true identity and calling in Christ. Believers are then taught the essential of spiritual prayer which includes seeing and hearing in the Spirit of God. This relationship with the Holy Spirit is the platform for developing every student’s gift, call and confidence to step into the path being revealed by the Holy Spirit. The biblical pathway for the revealing of the sons of God typically involves various forms of a wilderness experience. Jesus, King David, Elijah and many others typify this process of how the Holy Spirit prepares a person for ministry through leading them into the darkness to conquer it! Without correct fathering, many sons and daughters of God negate their calling and walk away. The 5 Stones Ministries School of Prophecy is a unique mix of teaching, impartation, discipline and fathering which aids the Holy Spirit in preparing students to walk in the authority of their calling. When students step into the power of reliance on the Holy Spirit, able to hear the voice of God and see the vision of the Spirit, they become potent weapons in the Kingdom of heaven to truly evangelize the way Christ evangelized when He walked into churches, cities and nations. Acts 10:28 says that the testimony of Jesus is that He went about doing good and healing all oppressed of the devil. Every believer has a calling and an identity which is powerful in Christ and must be identified, developed and then sent. If your heart is leaping, the 5 Stones School of the Spirit is for you! The School of the Spirit can be tailored for churches, small groups, conferences and more. Contact David for details.

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